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What is Fabrie?

Fabrie is a design collaboration tool.

"Fabri" is derived from the Latin word "fabrica," which refers to the "small workshop" where Roman artisans and craftsmen used to make production, which is where the design took place at that time.

In the past, we needed a specific place to work, discuss, and store tools and documents. Now we are used to working online - using cloud storage to manage files, spreadsheets for data analysis, keynotes for reporting and presentation, and communicating on messaging apps.

But online work also brings some troubles: we constantly switch back and forth between tools, going to chat histories to dig through crucial information, and researching data piled up on the hard drive but nowhere to put it.

It seems that we need something more.

You might want

Super ample space for all your thoughts and ideas?

If I had an infinite whiteboard, I could throw everything on it.

Information can become well-organized

The most logical structure in history - tables

Try adding that as well.

Contents of both sides are managed together and synchronized in real-time.

You can quickly organize the ideas on the whiteboard into tables.

You can also drag the data in the tables into the whiteboard.

It is called the actual "synchronization."

Let’s invite our teammates and partners to join the collaboration!

Bring everyone to brainstorm together.

Boom🎉 Different ideas have met!

Take a closer look at our use cases-

Whether it is research and analysis, or design assets management

Images imported directly into the whiteboard, start your visual exploration

Online discussion or presentation

Show your design ideas to fellow partners.

Data management, production collaboration

Visual control of design assets and costs

All done with Fabrie.

You only need to share a link. You can work with team members to complete the entire design process, from brainstorming, design review, and material delivery to production management - "from idea to execution." It is the content carried by the suffix "ie" of Fabrie, and it is also the essence of Fabrie as a design collaboration tool that combines whiteboard and table functions.

Of course, Fabrie doesn't stop there.

We believe every creator can find an exclusive interpretation of Fabrie.

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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