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Using templates

💡 Hello and welcome to the Fabrie basic tutorial, here we‘ll take you on a quick tour of how to use the Fabrie template.

Fabrie template features

Fabrie templates are pre-made files that can be easily and repeatedly used to kick off creative ideas with a simple click. Fabrie templates offer a wide range of themes, including niche design scenarios such as Fashion Moodboard, Product Design Iteration and Inspired Fabric Library, as well as general collaboration scenarios such as 8-minute brainstorming, user research management and four-quadrant analysis.

In your daily design work, you can use Fabrie templates for:

- Plan projects and manage tasks easily using the Yearly Calendar 2023, Timeline, Simple Kanban, Project Management.
- Conceive and organise design inspiration assets with the Inspiration Organiser, Inspiration Fabric Library, Fashion Moodboard.
- User profiling, empathy maps, user journey maps, user research management, structured user research communication and analysis.
- Facilitating design execution and collaboration through storyboarding, design requirements communication and product design iterations.

Using Fabrie templates

Enter Fabrie Dashboard.

Click on 'New file' in your projects to create a new file.

Select a template you prefer by scenarios.

Additional templates can be superimposed on the document, simply by clicking on 'Templates' in the toolbar.

If you have doubts about the template, click on 'Preview' for further information before using the template.

If you are sure you want to apply the template to your document, you can embed it by clicking on 'Use’.

Just select the new template and click 'use'.

Got it? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to[ join the official community](/en/article/fabrie-chat-group-and-social-media-1fg33mi/) to communicate together!

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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