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Fabrie documents are productivity tools that allow you to express your ideas freely, like splattering ink on a canvas. With the help of shortcut keys or operations, you can improve efficiency and regain the familiar sense of creativity.

Fabrie keyboard shortcuts Overview

Here are all the shortcut keys for Fabrie. You can also quickly view this list by clicking the help button in the lower right corner of any document.

Common keyboard shortcuts

Remember and use these common shortcut keys to make document operations smooth!

Multi-selectShift + clickShift + click
Select all⌘ + ACtrl + A
Enter edit modeEnterEnter
Text wrapShift + EnterShift + Enter
Copy⌘ + CCtrl + C
Paste⌘ + VCtrl + V
Create a copy⌘ + DCtrl + D
Whiteboard zoom⌘ + mouse wheelCtrl + mouse wheel
Undo⌘ + ZCtrl + Z
Redo⌘ + Shift + ZCtrl + Shift + Z

Whiteboard keyboard shortcuts

Tired of dragging selections too often? Here are shortcut keys!

Move canvasSpacebar + dragSpacebar + drag
Move objectArrow keysArrow keys
Quick move objectShift + Arrow keysShift + Arrow keys
Mouse mode - selectVV
Mouse mode - moveHH
Enter/exit commentCC
Expand/collapse mini-mapShift+MShift+M
Zoom in canvas⌘ +Ctrl +
Zoom out canvas⌘ -Ctrl -
Whiteboard zoom⌘ + mouse wheelCtrl + mouse wheel
Zoom to 100%⌘ + 0Ctrl + 0
Show all content⌘ + 1Ctrl + 1
Expand/collapse chart relation cardSpacebarSpacebar
Toggle background grid⌘ + ;Ctrl + ;
Exit presentation modeEscEsc
Free drawPP
Draw circleOO
Draw rectangleRR
Draw lineLL
Draw frameFF
Create mind mapMM
Create sticky noteNN
Create text boxTT
Create object copyOption + dragAlt + drag
Activate image croppingOption + CAlt + C
Group⌘ + GCtrl + G
Ungroup⌘ + Shift + GCtrl + Shift + G
Move to front⌘ + ]Ctrl + ]
Move to back⌘ + [Ctrl + [
Mind map - create sibling nodeEnterEnter
Mind map - create child nodeTabTab
Align topOption + WAlt + W
Align bottomOption + SAlt + S
Align leftOption + AAlt + A
Align rightOption + DAlt + D
Distribute horizontallyOption + ⌘ + HAlt + Ctrl + H
Distribute verticallyOption + ⌘ + VAlt + Ctrl + V
Text - bold⌘ + BCtrl + B
Text - italic⌘ + ICtrl + I
Text - underline⌘ + UCtrl + U
Copy as PNG image⌘ + Shift + CCtrl + Shift + C

Table keyboard shortcuts

Need to organize table data quickly? Here are shortcut keys!

Expand/collapse table recordSpacebarSpacebar
Insert row belowShift + EnterShift + Enter
Insert row aboveShift + ⌘ + EnterShift + Ctrl + Enter
Exit attachment previewEscEsc

Fabrie Quick Operations

In addition to shortcut keys, Fabrie also provides some less obvious quick operations that can help improve document operation efficiency. Let's take a look together:

Document Quick Operations

Quick Document Rename: Double-click the document name to quickly enter edit mode, where you can delete or modify the document name.

Quick Whiteboard Export: Click "Export as PDF" in the drop-down menu to quickly export all whiteboard content in bulk (yes, using whiteboard frames to manage whiteboard content in Fabrie is very convenient!).

Quick Document Copy: Click "Create Document Copy" in the drop-down menu to quickly create a copy of the current document (including whiteboard and table content, the new copy belongs to the project where the original document is located).

One-Click Whiteboard Restore Ratio: Click the scaling ratio number in the lower-right corner of the whiteboard to quickly restore it to 100% scaling ratio, so that each new whiteboard object can have a better display effect.

One-Click Whiteboard Show Global: Click the "Show All Content" button in the lower-right corner of the whiteboard (the hidden button will automatically expand when the mouse moves to the mini-map), and the whiteboard will automatically adjust to an appropriate scaling ratio to display all current whiteboard content.

One-Click Document Full-Screen: Click the "Enter Full Screen" button in the lower-right corner of the whiteboard (the hidden button will automatically expand when the mouse moves to the mini-map, and this button will change to "Exit Full Screen" after entering full screen mode) to quickly enter document full-screen mode, which helps create a more immersive document creation experience.

One-Click Expand/Collapse Table: The table is a powerful tool for organizing whiteboard content. Click the table toggle button in the upper-right corner of the whiteboard to quickly expand or collapse the table.

One-Click Table Full-Screen: Tables are usually the supporting role of whiteboards, but by clicking the "Enter Full Screen" button in the upper-right corner of the table, the table can cover the entire whiteboard and become the protagonist, making data management even more handy!

Have you learned everything? If you have any questions or suggestions, please join the official community for discussion!

Updated on: 26/07/2023

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