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Manage assets on whiteboard

Whiteboard Supports Importing File List:

File TypeFile FormatUpload LimitRemarks
Static Imagesjpg, jpeg, png, webp100MB, 50 at onceSupports preview, crop, and download
Animated Imagesgif30MB, 20 at onceSupports preview and download
Videomp4, mov, webm, flv80MBSupports preview and download
Audiomp3, wav, wma, flac30MBSupports preview and download
Portable Documentpdf30MBSupports preview, extraction, and download
Text Filesdoc, dot, wps, wpt, docx, dotx, docm30MBSupports preview, extraction, and download
Presentation Filespptx, ppt, pot, potx, pps, ppsx, dps, dpt, pptm, potm, ppsm30MBSupports preview, extraction, and download
Spreadsheet Filesxls, xlt, et, ett, xlsx, xltx, xlsm, xltm30MBSupports preview, extraction, and download
Design Filespsd, ai80MBSupports preview and download
Mind Mapxmind, mm30MBSupports parsing and editing
Drawing Filesprocreate, tiff(Sketchbook)80MBSupports preview and download

Building Personal Material Library / Team Material Library

For creative workers, collecting and managing materials or design elements is a daily task that improves work efficiency and ensures design consistency. Now, with the help of Fabrie's Material Library feature, you can achieve this. Any element on the whiteboard can be added to the "Personal Material Library" by right-clicking on it. You can use the content from your Personal Material Library in any document. Furthermore, if you want these contents to be shared with the team (such as visual guidelines, brand elements, or even templates for methodologies), you can choose to "Add to Team Material Library" from your Personal Material Library and share it with your team.

*What elements can be added to the Material Library?*

Any element on the whiteboard (excluding "Comments," "Chart Link Cards," or "Table" elements)

Once the material is added to the Material Library, you can reuse it in any document. To use it, click on the toolbar - "Material Library," then select the desired material from the "Personal/Team Material Library," and drag it onto the whiteboard.

Drawing Materials (iPad Tablet)

Fabrie, as an online whiteboard software, is fully compatible with the iPad application scenario. It currently supports importing and previewing Procreate and Sketchbook (.tiff format) drawing files in the whiteboard, helping digital artists and designers collaborate more efficiently.

The import function is simple and easy to use. Just select the file you want to import on your iPad and drag it into the Fabrie whiteboard. The imported file will be automatically converted into a previewable format, allowing users to view, edit, and share it on the Fabrie whiteboard. By importing drawing files into the Fabrie whiteboard, you can easily integrate your digital artwork into collaborative sessions. This is particularly useful for digital illustrators, visual designers, and other digital creative professionals who can collaborate and provide real-time feedback with clients, colleagues, and other creative teams.

Image Materials

Upload and Import

Fabrie whiteboard is great for collecting image materials to quickly visualize research or creativity. We provide various ways to import image materials:

- Local Upload: Select the desired images from your computer folder and drag them onto the whiteboard. Alternatively, you can use the "Upload File" button in the toolbar for importing.

- Clipboard: Copy images directly from web pages and paste them into the whiteboard (some websites may not support this feature).

- Capture Plugin: Install the browser plugin to quickly capture image materials from the web. For detailed instructions, please refer to here.

Animated Image Preview

The whiteboard now supports uploading and previewing GIF images. Simply upload the GIF image through the toolbar or drag it from your local folder onto the whiteboard. Then, click the play button to preview it. Share your emojis and animated materials with your team to make whiteboard collaboration more fun!

Image Cropping

Want to crop a specific area of an image on the whiteboard? No problem! Just double-click the image or select it, then click the "Activate Crop" button in the editing toolbar. Adjust it to the desired range, press Enter or click elsewhere to complete the cropping.

Download and Export

If you have accumulated some images on the whiteboard and want to export them for other purposes, it's simple: select all the desired images, click the "Download Images" button in the editing toolbar, and all the images will be downloaded one by one.

Audio and Video Materials

The whiteboard also supports importing audio (MP3, WAV formats) and video (MP4, MOV, FLV, WEBM formats). After importing, you can preview videos by clicking the play button. Videos can be adjusted for playback progress and speed, and can also be displayed in full-screen mode. For audio, you can drag the playback progress. With support for uploading and previewing audio and video files, the whiteboard can accommodate a wider range of design research and collaborative content.

Office Documents

PDF Files

Importing PDF materials is easy. You can directly upload or drag PDF files onto the whiteboard. After importing, you can switch between content pages for preview, and extract specific pages for editing and referencing.


Popular Office documents can also be uploaded to the Fabrie whiteboard. Just like PDF files, these documents support preview, page flipping, and extraction after uploading. By using this feature during research, you can lay out more information on the whiteboard (such as a page from a document, a slide, or a table), find insights, and gain inspiration more conveniently for referencing and expression.

Professional Design File Materials

Fabrie whiteboard also supports importing and previewing PSD and AI files, making it more convenient for design material management and collaborative design concept development.

Frame Content Materials

Frames are versatile containers for organizing and arranging content in the Fabrie whiteboard. Using frames allows for orderly layout of content, and all frames on the whiteboard can be viewed and presented as a list. You can export all frames as PDF or images with just one click. They are handy tools for content collaboration and transfer. For more information, please refer to make better presentations with Frame.

External Mind Maps

If you have already developed some ideas in other software, you are welcome to upload them to Fabrie and expand on them! Currently, Fabrie supports directly importing .xmind (Xmind mind map file) and .mm (Freemind mind map file) formats, which will be parsed and displayed as Fabrie mind maps. You can add richer descriptions and associations to these ideas on the whiteboard.

Have you learned everything? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to join our Official Community for discussion!

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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