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Make better presentations with frames

A frame is an object one the whiteboard that organises the visual structure of the content, serving as an content container.

Frame organisation

New frames

Creating a new frame in Fabrie is as easy as selecting the 'Frame' icon in the toolbar or pressing the F shortcut on your keyboard to start drawing a frame. If you are not sure about the scale or size, you can also select the suggested size in the toolbar, such as 16:9, letter, A4, etc.

Organising content

The biggest use of the frame is to organise the content on the whiteboard, generally in two methods.

Directly framing existing whiteboard content, suitable for managing content that already has an structure set.

Create new frames and then drag the contents into them individually, suitable for relatively scattered content.

Customize frame style

Once you have used the frame to organise your content, you can also rename the frame by double clicking on the the frame title.

You can also customise the frame style such as colors or transparency in the context menu above.

Frame sharing

Export frame

After the first few steps, you now have a glimpse of the power of the frame to organise and layout your content. Fabrie frame also supports to be exported as PNG, JPG and PDF formats, so the whiteboard can be used as your content workbench, making it easy to share your awesome content to a variety of scenarios.

Present your frames

Organising and exporting content from frames offers a whole new way to create content efficiently, but there’s more than that, Fabrie frame also supports presentation mode with one click! Whether it's a single frame or multiple frames, switch to presentation mode for a full-screen display and a quick view of your slide list, so you no longer have to rely on PPT or Keynote to present your content.

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Updated on: 02/11/2023

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