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Fabrie FAQ

How do I paste Fabrie images to other places?

Method: Click on the image, right-click and select "Copy as PNG image" (or use the shortcut key Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+C), then paste (Cmd/Ctrl+V) to other places.

How do I export document whiteboard content?

Method: It is recommended to use frame management to manage the content on the whiteboard (similar to PPT), select a single frame, and then click the "Export frame" button in the editing menu to export PDF or image files of different resolutions as needed. You can also click the "Export as PDF" option in the document title drop-down menu to export all frames on the whiteboard; if you only want to export the images on the whiteboard, you can select multiple images and then download them in one click.

How do I dissolve a team/remove team members/invite team members?

Dissolve a team: Only super administrators can dissolve a team. The path is: Team - Collaborative Members - Super Administrator - Dissolve Team;
Invite members: Team management page upper right corner - Invite;
Remove members: Collaborative members - Team roles - Remove team;

How do I set a cover thumbnail?

There are three ways to set a cover:
Crop cover: Right-click on the whiteboard and select "Crop cover", take a screenshot of the content area that is needed, and then follow the prompts to set the cover;
Upload manually: Through the workspace document management menu, or the document title drop-down menu in the document, select "Set document cover" - "Upload from local", and upload the cover image that you designed locally;
Automatic cover (coming soon): After entering the document editing for a period of time, the document will automatically determine the content area and take a screenshot to generate a document cover. It is currently being optimized and will be launched soon;

I saw a blogger use Fabrie to make a case, can I ask for a share?

Fabrie currently has a user case material library, where we have collected some excellent user cases. The materials inside can be viewed and support the creation of copies. You are welcome to private message the assistant to join the material library or submit contributions;

How do I change the interaction mode of the whiteboard canvas?

Do the whiteboard canvas zoom and movement not match your habits? You can set the canvas interaction preference by right-clicking on the whiteboard and selecting "Canvas Interaction Preference Settings". The preferences are as follows:
Operating device - Keyboard and mouse: Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the canvas, or use Cmd/Ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom the canvas, and support reversing the direction of the mouse wheel zoom;
Operating device - Trackpad: Pinch with two fingers to zoom, and support reversing the direction of the mouse wheel zoom;

Are the documents I create private? How do you ensure data security?

Fabrie adopts industry-leading data encryption and security measures to protect your data and privacy. For details, see Data Security Commitment.

What should I do if I can't find the content I previously created on the whiteboard canvas?

If you zoom in/move the whiteboard canvas and can't find your content, you can first check the "Mini Map" in the lower right corner of the whiteboard. If the mini map is blank, the document content may have been deleted by mistake. At this time, you can click the "Show Historical Versions" option in the document title drop-down menu to view the document's historical versions. If the historical version does not exist, you can also seek help from the assistant.

How do I use the cases or other shared files that you shared?

For official shared case documents, please create a document copy first before using it. The copy is saved in the draft boxof your workspace, and you can edit and use it as needed. For other shared documents, you can download them and use them according to your needs.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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