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Fabrie’s commitment to data protection

We prioritize the security of personal and team information. Our multi-level protection system, supported by industry-standard security technology, minimizes unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, destruction, misuse, and unauthorized disclosure of your information.

Fabrie is dedicated to building a next-generation online design collaboration platform that seamlessly connects information at every stage of design, as we continue to improve the product experience, we also hold the line tight on data security. We, Fabrie Team have made a commitment as follows:

🗄 Your data won't be lost

Fabrie's strict privacy and data security standards ensure that data is not lost or compromised, and Fabrie uses industry-leading solutions and has partnered with AWS to build a highly available disaster recovery system, storing data in multiple backup locations to ensure business continuity in the event of a major disaster or failure.

🛎 Your data is always available

With a service level agreement of 99.9%, customers can access Fabrie's services at any time.

🔐 Your data is only available to you

Fabrie configures complex security keys for users, which are used to encrypt their data, ensuring that data is encrypted before it is stored, so that not only is it segregated between users, but Fabrie's internal staff cannot access it.

We never compromise on security

Overall security protection for the whole process

Fabrie has partnered with AWS to provide exclusive security coverage, including security compliance, security features and security technology, to integrate security into its design. At the same time, Fabrie is equipped with a 24/7 and all-round monitoring system based on AWS's intelligent detection to ensure all-round security at the network, server, cloud-native infrastructure, application and product levels.

Continuous innovation of product features

Fabrie continues to provide multi-dimensional security capabilities at the product level, including but not limited to.

- Account security: account security through two-factor authentication.
- Information security: information security through information barriers, fine-grained control of file permissions, management of document permissions defaults, encryption of transmission content and other features.

Encrypted transmission and storage

discrete data storage with 0 readability of the stored data content.
encrypted data transmission via HTTPS/SSL/TLS protocol, configured with Global Sign CA certificate, with two-way identity verification function.
2048-bit RSA key using ACL management key, key rotation periodically, high security assurance of one encryption at a time.
client-side data security policies to manage data.
Highly available, multi-copy redundant storage and regular full backup to ensure data availability, integrity and data security.

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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