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Fabrie Write

Embrace the Power of AI creatives with Fabrie Write!

Fabrie Write is an AI-powered generation feature of Fabrie Whiteboard that can help designers complete design research and creative exploration more efficiently.

How to use

In Fabrie Whiteboard, use the shortcut key / to open the interface.
Select the type of content you want to generate, such as a mind map, brainstorming session, or pros and cons analysis.
Enter the generation parameters, such as the topic of the mind map you want to generate.
Click the generate button to quickly generate the document.

Use cases

Design research: Quickly generate mind maps, brainstorming sessions, and pros and cons analyses to help designers better understand user needs.
Creative exploration: Quickly generate text, images, and other creative content to help designers spark inspiration.
Document processing: Quickly generate tables, text, and other documents to help designers improve their work efficiency.


Efficient: Generate with one click to quickly complete design tasks.
Intelligent: AI-powered to improve the quality of generation.
Easy to use: Simple operation that anyone can use.

New features

Search with AI - AI assistant wih web browsing capability! In this mode, simply enter any topic and description, and Fabrie Write will automatically help you search and summarize relevant information from the web.

Chat with whiteboard - ask on text or PDF on the whiteboard: After selecting the content on the whiteboard, you can quickly analyze and process it with AI assistance.


Fabrie Write currently supports the generation of the following types of content: mind maps, brainstorming sessions, pros and cons analyses, SWOT analyses, text generation, stakeholder maps, business model canvases, table generation, and image generation.
The generation parameters of Fabrie Write can be adjusted according to actual needs.
Fabrie Write supports reading any website link, you can achieve that by simply input the link into the chatbox with Search with AI mode or select a link on the whiteboard with Chat with whiteboard mode.

Use cases

Joe is conducting user research for a new product. He uses Smart Create mode to quickly generate a mind map to help him understand user needs.
Alice is designing a promotional copy for a new product. She uses Smart Create mode to quickly generate a creative copy to help her spark inspiration.
Lauren is processing a PDF document. He uses Chat with whiteboard mode to quickly generate a summary to help him improve his efficiency.
Maria is conducting a design research. She uses Search with AI mode to quickly gather information related to her research topic.

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Elevate your creative with Fabrie Write - where creativity meets artificial intelligence!

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Updated on: 02/11/2023

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