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Fabrie web clipper(collect images, texts and links)

Fabrie Web Clipper helps you to easily collect and save images/screenshots from top website pages to Fabrie, which is currently supported in Chrome, Safari and Edge browsers.

💡 If you have successfully installed the clipper but are still unable to use it, please refresh the page and try again.

It’s easy to get installed

💡 Get Fabrie Web Clipper

Install for Chrome

Visit Chrome Web Store to download and install on your Chrome browser.

Install for Microsoft Edge

Visit Edge Add-ons to download and finish the process.

Install for Safari

Visit App Store to download and install on your Safari browser.

How to use Fabrie Web Clipper

Capture images

💡 The extension requires account login first in order to collect and sync images.

Currently, the Fabrie extension supports capturing screenshots and single image, and will later support capturing texts and webpages.

- Capture Screenshot - Select Area: Open the Fabrie extension besides your browser address bar, click "Select Area Screenshot" to enter the screenshot state, drag and drop to select the screenshot area, click the button in the bottom right corner of the screenshot area to confirm the screenshot is complete.
- Capture Screenshot - Visible Area: Clicking on "Visual Area Screenshot" will automatically capture all the content within the current screen of the browser page.
- Capture Single Image: Right click on the image you want to capture and while dragging, the Fabrie plugin pop-up window will appear, drag the image into the pop-up window to capture it.

When capturing a single image, there may be cases where the capture is not successful due to the permission control of the website, in this case it is recommended to use the screenshot method to capture.

Use the captured images

All screenshots or images captured in your browser will be synced to your personal Fabrie workspace. All the images can be found via tool bar Upload Files - Web clipper. Your workspace can hold up to 50M storage of captured images using web clipper.

Select images from current view and click move to board to add on your whiteboard.

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Updated on: 10/08/2023

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