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Fabrie web app

Accessing Fabrie's Web Versions

Access the web version of the Fabrie designer online collaboration platform and integrated spreadsheet online whiteboard workspace directly through your browser by visiting For the best experience, we recommend using a tablet or desktop as the smaller screens of mobile devices only support file viewing.

Desktop Web Version

The desktop web version supports both editing and viewing and is compatible with:

Chrome (recommended)

Mobile Web Version

The mobile web version on small screens only supports viewing and works with:

Chrome for iOS/Android
iOS Safari

Web Version on Large-Screen Tablets

The web version on large-screen tablets like the iPad supports both editing and viewing with optimized interactive experiences. Recommended browsers include:

Chrome for iPadOS
Safari for iPadOS (You can add the website icon to your home screen. Please see the instructions for details.)
Android or Windows tablet browsers (7.9 inches or larger screen)

Tablet Usage Guidelines

Fabrie documents are optimized for mainstream tablet devices, such as the iPad, with touch pen and gesture interaction. The web version on tablets now supports various editing operations with touch pen and gestures, including selection, moving, drawing, copy/pasting, etc.


Whiteboard and spreadsheet usage, material file uploads and management are available on tablet web versions.
Right-click menu functions, such as copying/pasting, locking/unlocking objects, and creating duplicates, can be accessed through touch pen or the "..." menu button.
Apple Pencil's scribble functionality is supported for text input.
Improved drawing tool with smoother performance and Pencil Case options for drawing and annotating.

Using Apple Pencil

Use the Pencil Case in the toolbar to choose pen strokes, colors, and thickness for freehand drawing. Erase drawn lines with the eraser tool. Ordinary and highlighter pens are available, suitable for handwriting, annotation, and simple drawing scenarios.

Other Optimizations

Workspace and whiteboard toolbar adapt to tablet size.
Table supports manipulation with touch pens or gestures.
Optimized snap point hot zone for better selection accuracy.
Performance improvements for smoother experiences.

We recommend using the latest browser version. For questions or suggestions, join our official community for discussion!

Updated on: 09/08/2023

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