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Fabrie Imagine

Fabrie Imagine: Visualize your design ideas in a snap!


Render: Quickly render sketches, white models, or images to validate design ideas.
Refine: Make local modifications to existing images to improve design effects.


Click the AI button in the toolbar to open the generation interface.
Select the render or refine mode.
Upload an image or sketch.
Fill in the prompt words to describe the desired effect.
Click Start to generate, and you will get the generated result.

Feature introduction

Base model: Supports product design, fashion design, and interior design scenarios.
Style model: Cute tech style, illustration style, hand-drawn rendering style, etc.
Generation settings: Adjust the clarity and number of generated images.
Advanced options: Allows AI advanced players to more finely control the generated details.

Usage tips

The prompt words should be as detailed as possible, so that the generated effect will be more in line with expectations.
You can start with the community cases on the initial interface to learn more about how to use it.

Fabrie Design Assistant is a powerful AI design assistant tool that can help designers complete design work more efficiently. Try it now and let your design ideas come to life instantly!


If you want to design a new product, you can first use Fabrie Imagine to render a rendering image to see how it looks.
If you want to modify the flaws in a product image, you can use Fabrie Imagine to refine the details to make the image more perfect.

🚀 Join the Fabrie Community:

Experience the future of design with Fabrie Imagine. While still in beta, this remarkable AI feature is waiting for you to explore. Join our vibrant community by clicking here to gain access and engage in insightful discussions.

Unleash your design potential with Fabrie Imagine – where imagination meets innovation.

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Updated on: 30/10/2023

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