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Create and explore files

Creating a new file

Note: We have provided a carefully designed "Fabrie New User Guide Document" and 5 sample documents in the document management page. If you have no ideas, you can start exploring from there! |

Every Fabrie document is the beginning of a designer's new ideas. There are several ways to create a new document. You can create a new document in various document creation entry points according to your needs. The commonly used methods are as follows:

Creating a project file

Project documents belong to a team project and are visible to all team members by default. They can be directly shared and collaborated on. Steps to create a project document:

Open the Fabrie Dashboard.

Method 1: Click the "+" button next to the team project in the left sidebar to create a new document shortcut.

Method 2: Go to the document management page of the project and click the "New file" entry button.

Exploring files


This is a super large whiteboard without boundaries, which is very suitable for designers to freely express their ideas and create unlimited possibilities!

No matter what kind of work you do, a borderless whiteboard is a powerful tool for expressing ideas and harvesting creativity. Collecting graphic and text materials, brainstorming, displaying results, flat and visual communication... more usage scenarios are waiting for you to explore!

A picture summarizes the powerful functions of Fabrie whiteboard:


Many free and divergent ideas are accumulated in the whiteboard. How to organize them more clearly? Fabrie table is born to structure complex information and is more in line with the needs of actual work. Use Fabrie tables to track projects, tally lists... combined with whiteboard content, to more efficiently control data!

A picture to understand Fabrie multidimensional tables:

Have you learned everything? If you have any questions or suggestions, please join the official community to communicate with us!

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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