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Brief intro to Fabrie AI services

Fabrie AI offers a range of innovative features designed to enhance the creative process:

- Fabrie Imagine (Beta): This tool empowers designers by generating text-generated images through generative AI. With presets for scene templates, color, material, and background details, designers can swiftly create design renderings. Modes like line drawing and image conversion from existing drafts facilitate efficient idea translation.

- Fabrie Write (Beta), also known as Fabrie GPT or Create with AI: This feature serves as a writing assistant, aiding in text generation and refinement. It supports brainstorming, pros and cons analysis, SWOT analysis, and more, enhancing textual expression and research capabilities.

- Fabrie AI Toolbox (Beta): This comprehensive toolbox caters to both images and text. For images, it offers tools like background removal and Image OCR. For text, it includes functions such as summarization, translation, grammar correction, and text-to-image conversion. These tools streamline various design tasks, from refining content to perfecting visuals.

- Fabrie Research (Coming Soon): This upcoming feature introduces an AI agent service tailored for research purposes. It will gather information from the web and generate research reports on diverse design topics within minutes. This capability will expedite the information gathering process, allowing designers to access valuable insights quickly.

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Updated on: 10/08/2023

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